Challenge 4.3: Controller Actions

While creating our gift registry controllers you probably noticed that there is some code duplicity between the editPostAction() and the newPostAction()

As we can see both actions are doing pretty much the same thing, the only difference is that when we call the editAction we are checking to see if the registry actually exist.

In this case modifying our action post is very simple, we just need to add some extra logic so the PostAction can handle the model creation or update.

Now since we removed the newPostAction controller, we need to modify our layout for the newAction so it loads the edit blocks and forms.

We also need to be able to identify if the requested registry currently exists or if it's a new registry.

The _initModel() function allow us to check if the requested Id matched an existing registry or if we should instantiate a new model. In order for each of the actions to work properly we need to call the _initModel() function, like so:

Next, we need to replace each of the PostAction methods with a single abstraction action method called saveAction(); this new action will handle the post data for both the new and edit action methods.

As we can see we are also calling the initModel() function, this is to make sure we are loading the proper model or creating a new one depending of the situation.

Now we can safely remove the newPostAction() and the editPostAction() from our controller. The final controller code should look something like this.

Before we can actually test if our code is working we need to do a last set of changes, those changes are located on the next challenge.


With this challenge we learned the value of refactoring our code to make easier to update and reduce its complexity.